Aluminum formwork system

The aluminum formwork systems supplied by Biaosheng are all custom products, with production carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings of the construction project. Whatever your specific need may be, our aluminum formwork solutions are designed and built around you. This means that we guarantee the ability to provide the exact product you need, based on the specifications and needs provided to us, thus ensuring the new aluminum formwork system meets your construction needs and allows your project to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After production, pre-assembly of our finished formwork is completed in accordance with the requirements of your design drawings. If the pre-assembled aluminum formwork is qualified for construction requirements, all the components of the formwork will be labeled and categorized with numbers before being delivered to the construction site. Clients simply need to install them in numerical sequence, which helps ensure no manual mistakes during installation and makes repeated use easily.

Our fence panel may be customized to client requirements. Some core production procedures include: coating, plastic coating, dip coating, as well as powder coating with Akzo Nobel’s powders, allowing improved quality and prolonged service life.
Not only does Biaosheng’s fence panel feature a solid structure, but easy installation is also one of its major advantages when compared with others.