Manufacturing and coating

Our DYSY welding technique, tops in the global industry, is an optimal production technique, used in several production lines, like : hot-shortness powder production line, fence panel plastic coating line, fence panel dip coating line, aluminum formwork welding line, provides an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters’ aluminum formwork and early stripping formwork.

In order to ensure the high machining accuracy of our fence and aluminum formwork, we use a large CNC saw, precise punch press, bench shear and so on. Meanwhile, for decreased lead time and improved product quality, the fence and aluminum formwork design center and testing center have been established.

Our phosphating treatment, as a base for further coating and painting, will be applied first to our formworks before being sent to the powder coating room with the help of chains. In order to ensure the finest coating, Gema’s powder coating gun, occupying the top place in powder coating industry, has been adopted. Meanwhile, both electrostatic coating and dip coating are introduced to our fence panel plastic coating line and fence panel dip coating line.