The aluminum formwork systems supplied by Biaosheng are all custom products, with production carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings of the construction project. Whatever your specific need may be, our aluminum formwork solutions are designed and built around you.

Biaosheng’s wire fence panel is welded in a rhombic grid structure, resembling a trellis hedge, and is treated with a dip coating process, providing an improved hardness without sacrificing its protective capacity.

Biaosheng’s temporary fencing panel is classified into three categories according to different production techniques, including welded wire fence panel, woven wire fencing, and wrought Iron fence.

Biaosheng’s security fence panel is made of quality carbon steel wires, and features relatively small openings and high weld strength in cross points. These features provide great durability and strength in our fence panel.

Biaosheng’s razor blade barbed wires are jointed together with specially designed SBS’s (Specialty Bolt & Screw Inc.) fasteners, which help to create dramatically improved mesh strength, and an effective avoidance of manual destructive deterioration.

The structure, shape, and size of Biaosheng’s chain link fence’s opening could be tailored according to customer requirements. Our chain link fence features a bright color, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, and good elasticity, so the fence will not easily deform when an external force is imposed.